Meet Our Staff

  Meet Our Staff  
Meet Miss Kali Gross: Lead Teacher/Director
I am excited to teach God's little lambs. I have been working in the early childhood field for the past four years. This is my first year as a teacher with my degree in education. I graduated from Martin Luther College on May 13, 2017. While attending Martin Luther College I received my degree in early childhood education. Shortly after graduation, I received the divine call to be full-time lead teacher/director at Samuel Lutheran Preschool. I look forward to sharing the love of God with the children in my classroom. Preschool is a time where children are growing in numerous ways. Here in preschool, we grow the minds of the future. It is a huge blessing to be a part of this program and I look forward to working with both the children and the families. 

Meet Miss Sarah Zander!

Miss Sarah has been with the Early Childhood Center since the fall of 2013 when the preschool program expanded into a full day program.  She is an assistant teacher for the preschool first and second year classes and also for the afterschool program.  Miss Sarah says that there are far too many things that bring joy to her on a daily basis to recount them all.  However, some of her most favorite ones are hearing one child tell another child about a Bible story they learned about weeks ago, or seeing the children interact with each other using the respect and manners on which we have been working.  Coming back to the children day after day and seeing them grow cognitively, physically, and spiritually in a Christian environment makes you feel good about the influence you have in a child’s life.  Miss Sarah has been impressed with the vast differences between a three and four-year-old and how you have different expectations for them. The children are growing and changing so much within a couple months’ time.  Each child develops different skills at different times and they each need that special attention each day by themselves to help them develop. She is so happy that she can be a part of that.
Miss Sarah is helping a preschooler (Anna) with her cognitive skills through a memory game. Spending one on one time with a child is very important and not to mention that they love to have their own time with the teachers. 
Meet Miss Samantha Bartz!

Miss Bartz has worked as an aide at the Early Childhood Center for almost 3 years.  Being able to work here is a bit like a coming home for her as she graduated from Samuel Lutheran School after transferring there in the third grade.  She has worked in both the preschool and K-5 grades rooms on a regular basis. 

Miss Bartz states that her favorite part about being a ECC staff member is working with the kids.  She feels that she is so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with each individual child and to get to know each child’s personality traits and quirks.  Her favorite activity is helping the first year preschoolers do their projects. “I love to help them hold their scissors and pencils to create their projects. The excitement they have about accomplishing their activities is priceless.”  She has been so inspired by what she has witnessed at our center that she has chosen to get her degree in elementary education.

Miss Bartz is reading to preschoolers (Brynn and Jack).  The preschoolers love being read to, it doesn't matter if it's during free exploration or during class time, they soak it all up and wanted the books read again and again.
Meet Mrs. Julie Lyons!

I have worked as a morning PreK aide for the past seven years.  I assist the lead teacher in working with the children on such tasks as holding their scissors and pencils correctly, following directions, and keeping children engaged while Miss Gross is individually helping a student.  In addition, I also help Miss Gross by prepping student projects and changing classroom décor.

I really enjoy working in a Christian learning center, watching the children learn and experience Jesus’ love for them. I also enjoy seeing the excitement on children's faces as they learn new skills and accomplish new tasks. It is really fun to watch them grow from the beginning of the school year to the end. I look forward to coming to school every day to hear the many exciting things they have to share with me. 

Mrs. Lyons is helping a preschooler (Kiptyn) with his fine motor skills through playdoh.