Meet Our Staff

  Meet Our Staff  
Meet Miss Sarah Zander!

Miss Sarah has been with the Early Childhood Center since the fall of 2013 when the preschool program expanded into a full day program.  She is the preschool director, an assistant teacher for the preschool first and second year classes and also for the afterschool program.  Miss Sarah says that there are far too many things that bring joy to her on a daily basis to recount them all.  However, some of her most favorite ones are hearing one child tell another child about a Bible story they learned about weeks ago, or seeing the children interact with each other using the respect and manners on which we have been working.  Coming back to the children day after day and seeing them grow cognitively, physically, and spiritually in a Christian environment makes you feel good about the influence you have in a child’s life.  Miss Sarah has been impressed with the vast differences between a three and four-year-old and how you have different expectations for them. The children are growing and changing so much within a couple months’ time.  Each child develops different skills at different times and they each need that special attention each day by themselves to help them develop. She is so happy that she can be a part of that.
Miss Sarah is helping a preschooler (Anna) with her cognitive skills through a memory game. Spending one on one time with a child is very important and not to mention that they love to have their own time with the teachers. 
Meet Mrs. Lacey Timm!

Mrs. Timm has been teaching in early childhood in our WELS parochial schools for 8 years. She started at Samuel Lutheran when the program expanded to full time in 2013 and taught through June of 2017.  She was offered and accepted a position as the director/teacher at her home church St. John's Lutheran Church/Preschool in Wood Lake, MN in May of 2017. In the Summer of 2020 she was then asked to return to Samuel Lutheran and was ecstatic at the opportunity to be with staff at Samuel and help in the growth & development of Jesus' precious little lambs. Mrs. Timm was asked to be lead teacher in the Summer of 2021 and she now serves as our preschool lead teacher. She believe that children are a gift from God and feels blessed to be able to teach them about their Savior and meet their needs spiritually, academically and socially!

Mrs. Timm is playing a matching game with a few of our preschoolers in after-school care.